We’re normally pretty humble, but here are some things we’ve worked on (or thought about) that we think are worth sharing.



We’re normally pretty humble, but here are some things we’ve worked on (or thought about) that we think are worth sharing.

Samantha Baiada
January 11, 2017
The pets of Sling & Stone

At Sling & Stone, we love having guests. Whether it’s our clients, our friends or our family members. We always look forward to having new people around (even if it’s just a short stay)! But as a bunch of animal lovers (some more than others), nothing really compares to the excitement we get when our loveable pets come to visit.

Big, small, fluffy or not, we love them all.

Being a pet-friendly office is an important part of the Sling & Stone culture. They are a brilliant addition to our day when they pop by, so we wanted to introduce them all to you!

Here they are:

Harley - Our resident pup

A fun loving young pup that will do just about anything for food. She is adventurous though, so keep the office door closed or she’ll take herself for a walk (we’re sorry Harley)!


Sammy aka ‘fluffy cloud’

Sammy is by far our fluffiest dog. His big white coat not only makes him easy to find when he runs off to find a quiet sleeping spot (his favourite hobby), but also means he stays with us (well, his fur at least) long after he leaves. He’s very sensitive though so make sure to give him some extra TLC.



He may look like a grumpy old man but Moses is young at heart. He’ll do just about anything for a belly (or ear, or leg, or back) rub, but he’s also a bit of a loose cannon so best keep him close by or who knows where he’ll end up!!


Archie and Phoebe - twinnies

This unlikely brother sister duo are polar opposite in every possible way. Despite being twins, Archie is more than double the size of his sister, Phoebe. He’s also a massive thrill seeker, sniffing out every corner of the office as soon as he arrives. While Phoebe will be happy to curl up on your lap for the day while you work.


Ollie - our beach girl

While she typically calls Byron Bay home, we were all very excited when she came to the office for a week vacation. Her curly brown locks and bright, round eyes make it hard not to just cuddle her all day long.



The newest (and tiniest) pup to the Sling & Stone family, Moe loves to play. But he’s not a fan of walks just yet, which we don’t mind as it means we have to carry him everywhere!


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