We unearth, craft, and share the stories of the most ambitious brands shaping the future, in the US, AU, NZ and beyond.

We unearth, craft, and share the stories of the most ambitious brands shaping the future, in the US, AU, NZ and beyond.

Sling & Stone is the global PR and communications agency purpose-built for brands creating the future of how we live, work, and play.

Our clients are disruptive startups, bold challengers, brave entrepreneurs, unicorns and pioneers.

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“Sling & Stone has proved to be indispensable in reshaping local views of Twitter as a place to see what’s happening, in sports, politics, or current events. They knew Twitter inside-out from day one, and have become true members of our team in getting what we need done quickly and at top-notch quality.”

Nathan Burman HEAD OF PR & COMMUNICATIONS, Twitter Australia

“Sling & Stone has some of the brightest minds in the PR game. The team’s attention to detail and genuine enthusiasm for the work has not wavered in the time that Xero has partnered with them. Sling & Stone are strategic, creative and get results. But above all, they’re a great bunch of people that myself and the Xero exec team like and respect.”


“Working with Sling & Stone to reintroduce Hinge to the Australian and New Zealand markets was a wonderful experience and a huge success. Their team solidified our new brand messaging and secured multiple top-tier placements that reinforced our broader mission. Thanks to all of the positive and on-brand press we received, our word of mouth growth drastically increased in Australia, making it one of Hinge’s fastest-growing markets. Sling & Stone felt like a true extension of our team, and they were a joy to work with every day.”


“Sling & Stone are partners of Domain. They are passionate and dedicated to our business and we know they are truly on our team. They work hard and fast and get things done. PR is a long term game and sometimes can be hard to measure, but our strategy, led by Sling & Stone, has had a tangible impact on our brand and audience growth and will continue to play a key role in Domain’s marketing mix.”


“Sling & Stone are agile, adaptable and fast moving, which in the fast food category is exactly what we need from a PR agency. They have integrated seamlessly into the marketing department, are well connected and have delivered every time with exceptional execution. We are proud to call Sling & Stone our PR agency.”

Anna Jones CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER, Guzman y Gomez

“We brought on Sling & Stone to help us launch the USA’s most revered craft beer brand Goose Island in Australia. Their dedicated team, attention to detail, superior knowledge of local media, and creative flair in the ideation and execution of events have helped us to exceed our targets. They’ve become an extension of our team, and we look forward to a continued partnership.”


“Sling & Stone’s wisdom, energy and hard work is seriously impressive, they do an amazing job for us. Too often the results of PR are difficult to pin down but not in our case. We’ve repeatedly seen direct correlations between Sling & Stone’s wholehearted efforts and the numbers of people visiting our site, sign ups, enquiries and customers sending their parcels with Sendle.”


“Getting down to the solid core of the issues underlying modern data science, technology and robotics and how these impact and relate to humanity is a vital component of communicating our work, and Sling & Stone distinguish themselves by understanding these core issues in great detail. They receptively and regularly keep up with issues as they evolve and re-shape in a fast-changing landscape of technology. They’re responsive, receptive and they get great results.”


“Sling & Stone has been a fantastic support to the Blackbird Portfolio and to the wider startup community. Earlier this year they hosted a number of our founders for a workshop on Media monitoring. They did this purely to support early stage startups on their journey to becoming unicorns. Australia needs ready and willing professionals to lend their skills and talents in helping to build a vibrant and exciting startup ecosystem. I’m so grateful to them for all of their support, as are Blackbird’s founders.”

Joel Connolly Head of Community

“The team at Sling & Stone are more to us than just a PR agency, they are a strategic comms partner who truly have a passion for our business. Their unrelenting commitment to our mission and depth of knowledge across the entire comms landscape has seen fantastic outcomes in what has been a challenging year.”

Emma Smith MARKETING LEAD, 86 400
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