We’ve been so used to telling stories like this for our clients, that it’s different to be sharing news like this about ourselves. A bit like the cobbler’s kids not having any shoes.

Vuki Vujasinovic
September 16, 2021
Sling & Stone joins the VCCP Business group

We’ve been so used to telling stories like this for our clients, that it’s different to be sharing news like this about ourselves. A bit like the cobbler’s kids not having any shoes.

Not only is this week the 11th birthday of Sling & Stone, it’s also the start of a very exciting new chapter for us. We’ve entered into an agreement to join the VCCP Business group. Based out of London, VCCP is the global challenger network for challenger brands.

As soon we as met them, we realised they were the perfect partner for us — they speak our language, they have the same entrepreneurial spirit we do, and they share our vision and passion for important brands and stories that shape the future.

We’ve had two deeply held beliefs since Sling & Stone was launched in 2010:

  • 1. That the ambitious companies shaping the future — challengers, disrupters, innovators, entrepreneurs — are shaping the future. They’re the ones who are changing how we will live, work, and play in the future. Working with these types of clients is equal parts enjoyable and important.
  • 2. Telling their stories is important work. Telling stories is what makes us human. It connects people, causes, and communities. If these stories are not told — or not told well — the potential positive impact these types of brands can have on the world is limited, or even lost.

Whether it’s an early stage startup, a high-growth unicorn, a venture-backed direct to consumer brand, or any of the other shapes of businesses we represent— it’s what we’ve done non-stop for more than 4,000 days now.

And we’re thrilled that we get to double down on that work with our new partner. Our team, clients, and campaigns immediately get to plug in to the scale and experience of VCCP Business.

There are 70 Slingers today across our three offices. And many more to come in the future — this is the smallest we will ever be. We’ll work in partnership with agencies like Method in North America, Harvard in the UK, and customer advocacy specialists inEvidence. The combined 250+ people working on technology and consumer innovators will bring a fresh, global approach to storytelling.

Our mission is to unearth, craft, and share the stories of the most ambitious brands shaping the future. We are far from done.

Comments on the news

Jo Parker, Group CEO of VCCP Business:

“From the moment we met Vuki and his team, we had so much in common — a challenger mindset, a global ambition and a culture of collaboration and openness. We are really excited to work with all the Slingers and to build on our shared global vision.”

Vuki Vujasinovic, Founder and CEO of Sling & Stone:

“We’ve been partnering with innovative and important brands for more than a decade now, playing a key role in their growth. Working with these types of clients is what we’re good at, and what we love doing.

“I’m so happy that we’ve found the perfect growth partner in VCCP Business. We have a shared vision to focus on telling these stories that are reshaping the world around us.

“Sling & Stone has always been mission-driven and ambitious, and we know our future is going to be even stronger with the smarts and the skills of the VCCP group backing us. We get to immediately plug into the global scale and skills of VCCP Business — unlocking reach and expertise for our clients, campaigns, and team.

“This is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for Sling & Stone, and we’re just getting started.”

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