CSIRO’s Data61


Showcasing the digital innovation arm of Australia’s national science agency.
CSIRO’s Data61


Showcasing the digital innovation arm of Australia’s national science agency.

CSIRO’s Data61: Creating Australia’s data-driven future for the benefit of the country and future generations

Innovation is the future of Australia’s economy, and CSIRO’s Data61 is the data network that will help get us there. They provide research and collaboration programs that aim to unleash the country’s digital potential.

Our goal was to raise Data61’s profile among the general public and highlight the important role it plays in bringing together Australian ingenuity with government, industry, and academia.

We needed to take Data61’s often deeply nuanced and complex stories and make them relevant and digestible for a mainstream audience.

We tackled this brief by weaving Data61 into the news agenda, building a thought leadership platform around topical issues and potential solutions, and making often highly technical research relevant to the broader public.

Using Data61’s CEO Adrian Turner as a voice for the organisation, we built a thought leadership platform for him as the expert on the state of R&D and innovation in Australia, and where we need to go next as a nation.

stories in the first six months including ABC, Buzzfeed and The Sydney Morning Herald
column in AFR Weekend
coverage pieces for D61+ LIVE showcase

“In the time we’ve worked with Sling & Stone, it’s been a consistently positive experience every single time. Getting right down to the solid core of the issues underlying modern data science, technology and robotics and how these impact and relate to humanity is a vital component of communicating our work.

Sling & Stone distinguish themselves by understanding these core issues in great detail, in addition to receptively and regularly keeping up with issues as they evolve and re-shape in a fast-changing landscape of tech. They’re responsive, receptive and they get great results.”

Kate Powl Marcomms Group Leader, CSIRO’s Data61
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