Fuelling public conversation and creating global awareness.


Fuelling public conversation and creating global awareness.

Twitter and the Great Barrier Reef: Fuelling public conversation and creating global awareness

Whether it’s politics or pop stars, Aussies turn to Twitter to find out what’s happening. To show the role Twitter can play in our public conversation, we designed the world’s first interactive underwater live broadcast on Twitter.

We’ve sought not just to bring people to the platform, but bring the platform to the world, by showing the conversations, communities and ideas that come together uniquely on Twitter.

To show just how powerful this could be, we knew we needed an inspirational and uniquely Australian subject. We quickly realised there was only one option: our very own Great Barrier Reef. Historically, it’s one of the most Tweeted about destinations, but it also has breathtaking visual impact and is in dire need of greater global awareness.

We created a two-part live and interactive broadcast on Periscope, featuring online personality Mitch Oates and Andy Ridley, CEO of Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef.

Using Periscope, Mitch took audiences underwater at the Reef live. We even made it possible for Mitch to narrate his experience and communicate directly with the audience while underwater, answering their questions as they came through Periscope. It meant we were able to illustrate the real threats to the reef and highlight the role anyone can play in rehabilitation and conservation.

Our objective for the campaign was to bring people to Twitter. The resulting broadcast quickly became one of the most successful Australian Periscope broadcasts to date, with more than 270,000 total viewers, over 1.2 million impressions and significant media attention across local and global media.

We were able to fuel public conversation around the Reef (the search term ‘Great Barrier Reef’ even reached an annual peak during the campaign) and forge partnerships between Twitter, Tourism and Events Queensland, Telstra and Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef that have led to ongoing reef conservation projects.

The campaign was Highly Commended at the 2018 CommsCon Awards for Best Campaign on a Small Budget.

Total viewers
2018 CommsCon Awards for Best Campaign on a Small Budget

“Sling & Stone has proved to be indispensable in reshaping local views of Twitter as a place to see what’s happening, in sports, politics, or current events. They knew Twitter inside-out from day one, and have become true members of our team in getting what we need done quickly and at top-notch quality.”

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