Shoes of Prey
We work with Shoes of Prey to help women around the world create their perfect shoe.

Shoes of Prey
We work with Shoes of Prey to help women around the world create their perfect shoe.

Shoes of Prey is a global leader in on-demand customised fashion, and a true leader in the Australian startup space.

Well known for their innovative business model, Shoes of Prey was ready to be known as innovators in the fashion industry and forge relationships with fashion, lifestyle and consumer media to reach their audience. That’s when we came on board, and it’s been an incredible journey since.

One way we have showcased customisation and the endless possibilities of design, style, colour and fabric combinations was through a PR activation that supported a marketing campaign called “Colour”. We identified the personalised style, tastes and colour preferences of key fashion media and influencers, and created a personalised shoe design to inspire the recipients with their colour profile.

Each person received a personalised, monogrammed pair of shoes, alongside complementing nail polish and beauty product. Each gift was beautifully packaged in premium boxes and delivered by hand with personalised cards, explaining the chosen colour and design style for the recipients.

The Colour campaign succeeded in building relationships with fashion media and influencers, educating them about Shoes of Prey and showing them the power of customisation and expressing your style through colour. The influencers responded positively and were impressed with the level of personalisation, which resulted in long-term media leads and future partner opportunities for Shoes of Prey.

Colour campaign results
combined audience reach across social media

“Since starting Shoes of Prey, we have worked with a number of PR agencies, none of which can match Sling & Stone in any way. They behave as smart business partners who deliver on their promises – which has not only strongly endeared them to us, but also journalists both in Australia and the USA. We are incredibly happy with their work and the retainer is a great investment for our business.”

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